Green Lakes and Oh My Darling

Welcome back Brunchies!


This past weekend the brunch ladies and some friends took a little road trip to Syracuse. We wanted to get out in nature, catch our breath and escape for a bit from the every day craziness that has been 2020. 
We visited Chittenango Falls State Park first! The falls were absolutely beautiful, well worth the stairs it took to see them up close. Next we visited Green Lakes State Park, if you have never been there then you absolutely have too! This place was like a fairytale land. I had no idea that there was water so clear and blue in upstate NY. We hiked along the path that wrapped around the lake, it was so peaceful and the foliage was truly breathtaking.  
After we hiked up an appetite, we headed to this highly recommended spot, Oh My Darling which is located on Salina street in downtown Syracuse. As soon as we walked up to he restaurant I could tell it was going to be a great experience. The restaurant is absolutely adorable! A modern yet historic vibe, a lot of exposed brick and neutral colors. We were greeted by our server, Kevin who was fantastic! He got triple sat with  tables and it never showed, we got excellent service the entire time. 
On the table today is a couple of savory and sweet options for everyone. We all ate in silence for about ten minutes. Everything was just SO GOOD we couldn't stop eating! We were all soooo hungry and this brunch definitely hit the spot. I had banana bread French toast, this was so delicious. The bread was warm, moist and full of flavor it melted in my mouth. It was topped with some candied bananas and strawberries that really rounded out the dish!  The portions were generous, I boxed up about half but as soon as I got home I heated it up and dug in because it was just that good. 
Also on the table was two benedicts, a California and a salmon, and some absolutely delicious lemon ricotta pancakes. Everyone raved about their food! Everything was so delicious, I think that the empty plates spoke for themselves.
This place was the perfect ending to our little Sunday funday outing!
Great service, excellent drinks and a genuine vibe. Below is a quote from the Oh my darling website. It really resonated with me and these are the kinds of businesses that we at Brunch Lifestyle love to support.
"Oh My Darling is passionate about taking great care of our employees, our guests, and our community. We are obsessed with building a positive, empowering, and supportive culture and care about every meal and every moment."
Well brunchies that's all for now! Keep on keeping on during this crazy 2020. 

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