Lucca Kitchen & Cocktails

Welcome back brunchies, Amanda here! 

We have another amazing one for ya!

Today Vanessa and I visited an up and coming spot in the North Winston Village, Lucca Kitchen & Cocktails. As we were walking up to the restaurant we couldn’t help but notice the cute patio off the main entrance of the restaurant. It had beautiful lights hanging right above where the guests would sit. I could just imagine us brunching in the summer time out on the patio enjoying a nice mimosa. 
Well after todays experience I have to say we will most definitely be back!
In my opinion Lucca Kitchen & Cocktails was a breath of fresh air, especially in terms of originality. The menu is truly unique and upscale but still at affordable prices.
We were greeted and seated right away in a cozy two person booth. On the table today was a couple of brunching classics, a mimosa and a Bloody Mary. They offer unlimited mimosas for $15 during brunch, great deal and tasted delicious. I truly love when a server asks how you prefer your Bloody Mary in terms of spice. It’s such a simple thing but can make a huge difference in the flavor of the drink depending on peoples preferences. I appreciated that our server asked, a big thumbs up there for me in terms of service. 
We decided to share a couple dishes today because we were both in the mood for a little sweet and savory. First up was a egg white omelet that had spinach and sun dried tomato. It was topped and stuffed with goat cheese and a side salad. I really enjoyed this dish. It was light and airy but still packed with flavor! It was cooked perfectly. It wasn’t greasy or to buttery, which is the main reason why I don’t typically order an omelets in restaurants. This one however has officially restored my love of omelet's. 
Next up was the star of the whole meal for us both. A blueberry ricotta cheese stuffed French toast. This was one of the best French toasts I’ve ever had.  The filling was fluffy and flavorful with smaller blueberries mixed throughout. The French toast itself had a perfect brown crisp on the outside and was so fluffy and flakey on the inside. There was a butter dish on the side that neither of us ever touched because the French toast was so excellent on its own. Every bite melted in my mouth. I had to stop myself from eating it so I could bring half of it home and enjoy it all over again. It was just as good the 2nd time! I really loved this dish and I cannot wait to order it again.  
Lucca Kitchen & Cocktails is a must go. I will definitely be returning to brunch and also to try their dinner. If its anything like our brunch experience then I’m sure our bellies will be very happy!

Every one have a fun and safe super bowl Sunday!!!
Until next week!

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