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Welcome back Brunchies!

We have an AMAZING one for you today!
 Really! I'm so excited to share this find! I moved to the Gates, Chili area over the summer and since then I've been trying to hit all the local spots. I thought I got them all until recently, I came across Pure Imagination Café, located on Buffalo road. I clicked on the website, looked through their menu and was instantly hooked.
Since I moved out of my apartment in downtown Rochester I've been on the hunt for a new homey coffee house to hang out at on my days off or to grab breakfast at on Sundays. 
Well, my prayers have FINALLY been answered!!

Pure Imagination is basically my spirit animal of coffee houses. Their clever, out of the box menu draws you in immediately! They use popular 80's, 90's popular titles for their menu items. A "Breakfast Club" (one of my top 5 fav movies of all time!) for their breakfast menu and so much more. I was so enticed by the menu online alone before tasting anything. It felt like my teenage mind came to life in this menu, such a unique concept.

When I walked in to Pure Imagination Café  for the first time my mouth dropped a little. It is SO cute in there! The vibe inside is modern with a cozy feel. There is plenty of seating in the form of tables and comfy couches. Its extremely kid friendly with a corner play area in the café, perfect for mother daughter/son dates. As I looked around I saw all types of people enjoying the ambience. There was people studying, people on dates, and kids playing. It really is a place for everyone.

Now comes the good stuff!
On the table today for all you Harry Potter fans out there was a "Butterbeer" late which had butterscotch, toffee and was topped with pumpkin spice. It was the perfect fall beverage, I loved it! For breakfast I ordered  a "Molly Ringwald" breakfast sandwich which was Brie cheese and strawberries on a croissant. I LOVE brie, its one of my favorite cheeses, and this combo was perfect. I also ordered the "Humpty Dumpty" egg cup, which was egg, cheddar and bacon in a pastry cup. SO DELISH.

As I sat there eating, and taking in the ambiance I realized that I found my new place, the perfect hangout with amazing food and coffee at beyond reasonable prices. I was so excited about my experience that I texted my partner, Vanessa and told her that she had no choice but to go there! She went later that day and here are her thoughts on it...

After Amanda told me about Pure Imagination Cafe I had to come and try it out. I ordered the dark chocolate pistachio latte and "Emilio Estevez" sandwich which had egg, avocado, cheese, and salsa on an English muffin. You can add meat or change up what type of bread that's your favorite. The latte is a new favorite for sure! I couldn’t get enough of this warm chocolatey pistachio goodness! I wish I lived closer because I would stop in here on my way to work to get this latte.

After hearing Vanessa's thoughts I was so excited that she loved it just as much as I did!
 I returned that same evening with my fiancé for dinner and it was just as incredible as breakfast. We each had a sandwich. He had a "Rocky Balboa" this had steak, mozzarella and red onion with boss sauce. I had the "Eat, pray, love" which had brie cheese (of course) fresh turkey, and cranberry sauce. Both were served on ciabatta and tasted amazing!

The star of the night was the London Fog late. It had Earl grey tea, lavender and vanilla. We both could not get enough of this drink. It was silky smooth, light and had the best flavor.
This is my new go-to late for sure.
Vanessa was also able to chat with the manager about updates!

Chris and Lisa Brunson are the owners,
Mike - the manager had worked with Chris previously at a vets office for 6 years. Both owners are veterinarians. Lisa designed the restaurant and Chris came up with the menu himself! The décor has a rustic/comforting feel along with a playful side for the kids area.
They are having a Halloween party this Friday. They will be doing one big event a month tied into a theme along with a librarian who will come to do readings for the kiddos.
They will eventually be offering brunch every other Sunday-along with hosting bridal showers and birthday parties. You will be able to drop off decorations and they will set up for you!

I cant say enough great things about Pure Imagination Café. From the décor to the clever menu and excellent customer service this is a MUST TRY! The concept is brilliant. I cannot wait to see this spot grow and flourish!

I will never, ever tell you to not read our blog, but stop reading..now,
get in your car and go to Pure Imagination Café you will not be disappointed!

Until next week brunchies! xoxo

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